Wu Wei Gung Fu Holon – Martial Arts in Holon, Israel

A modern martial arts school in Holon, Israel, led by 1st degree black belt Lo-Si Lior Vardi


About Wu Wei Gung Fu

Welcome to Wu Wei Gung Fu Holon, the martial arts school where ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Our vision is to help you feel more capable and confident in your daily life through learning, training, and fighting.

Wu Wei Gung Fu (“The Spontaneous Movement of the Gung Fu”) was founded in the early 1970s by one of Bruce Lee’s first American students, Professor Joseph Cowles. It’s known as a “complete martial art” because it includes elements from diverse martial arts styles, enabling students to cope with multiple combat situations, and teaching:

● Defensive and attack techniques
● Enhanced physical fitness, combining aerobics, strength, and mobility
● Locks, submissions, and throws
● Sparring
● Defense against weapons
● Physical and mental resilience
● & more


Learn Martial Arts & More in Holon

Our school offers a positive experience for all ages (10+), promoting personal growth and learning in an encouraging atmosphere for everyone – adults, teens, kids – whether you’re a complete beginner or looking for more advanced training.

We believe that everyone can benefit from improving their fitness, releasing stress, discovering new strengths, and developing real-world self-defense skills.

Martial Arts – Adult Groups (15+)
● Beginners – Sunday & Wednesday Evenings ● Advanced – Sunday & Wednesday Evenings

Martial Arts – Youth Groups (10-14)
● Beginners – Monday & Thursday Evenings ● Advanced – Monday & Thursday Evenings

Mobility & Flexibility
● Zoom Group – Tuesday Evenings & Friday Mornings

Movement Classes
● Coming Soon!

Click here to view our current class schedule. Registration is subject to participation in an introductory session and medical clearance.

All classes are held in Hebrew – contact us if you are interested in private sessions in English.


Meet Lo-Si Lior Vardi

Wu Wei Gung Fu Holon was founded in 2015 by Lo-Si (teacher) Lior Vardi, certified martial arts instructor, physiotherapist, fitness trainer, and more.

Previously a student of krav maga and traditional kung fu, Lior has practiced Wu Wei since 2004. Following the completion of his military service in the Paratroopers Brigade, Lior centered his life on training and teaching. In 2016, he received his 1st degree black belt under Si-Jo Eyal Koren, the head of Wu Wei Gung Fu, who studied with Prof. Cowles himself and brought Wu Wei to Israel. Today, Lior is privileged to be an elite student of Si-Jo Koren while continuing to teach groups and individuals in his own school.

As Wu Wei advocates constant learning and development, Lior never stops expanding his knowledge and skillset. Alongside his martial arts qualifications, he is a Wingate-certified physical fitness and health trainer, and has gained a Physiotherapy degree (BPT) from Tel Aviv University. In addition, Lior studies movement through the Ido Portal Method, regularly lectures on anatomy and sports injuries, and has created special workshops (The Medical Toolbox) to help athletes recover smarter from injuries.